1. Father Marcel Lainesse: 

Born in St Thomas, Montmagny on May 16, 1933.            

He studied classical studies at the College of St-Anne-de-la-Pocatière and his theological studies at the Training College of Quebec.           

He is ordinate priest at the cathedral de La Pocatière, on may 232, 2959 by Bishop Bruno Desrochers.            

In 1959, he is appointed as auxiliary-priest at the College of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.      

From 1969-1962, studies at the Gregorian University of Rome.                .

In 1962-1963, he is appointed as Vicar at St-Thomas, Montmagny.  From 1963-1970, secretary of the pastoral diocesan council and moral counselor of the Federation of the school commissions.           

In 1970, studies at the Catholic Institute of Paris.            

From 1971 to 1979, pastoral counselor at the diocese of Hauterive and leading prayer groups.            

In 1979, rector of St Pacôme, in 1980, he is nominated animator of the pastoral care at the Hospital of Anjou of St Pacôme.

 In 1992, he becomes the priest of Berthier-sur-Mer until 2010, time for his retirement from the parish due to health reasons.

Since 2010, he practices a ministry of spiritual direction at Carignan at the Missionary of the Good News.   He has a bachelor of arts, a bachelor degree in theology, and a bachelor degree in science.

Father Marcel Lainesse met Sister Yvette Barriault at the diocese of Hauterive at the time started together the bases of the community of the Missionaries of the Good News. He was Counselor in pastoral care and Sister Yvette was Manager of the Christian education office.  Together they led the prayer groups at the pastoral care of Saint Pacôme and they started together the bases of the community of the Missionaries of the Good News.


Born in Anticosti Island to a very religious couple, Clarisse Petitpas and Joseph X. Barriault.

She holds numerous Bachelors in Arts, Education, Catechism and a doctorate in Religious Sciences.

Her academic background, her wide experience as a teacher as well as a diocese and parish pastoral animator have prepared and inspired her in writing and publishing the following:

· Myths and Rites of Indians of the mountains.

· Bethany Spirituality.

· Childhood Spirituality in Marguerite du St Sacrement'life.

· Numerous other brochures (available on demand)

She is the founder of "Les Missionnaires de la Bonne Nouvelle"

( Missionaries of the Good News )

She is dedicated to "Jesus, King of Love" and likes to be known as her little maid-servant. She makes it her duty to invite us to penetrate with her the King's interior castle.

She has no spouse but has many spiritual sons and daughters across the world.

She invites us to progress with her, one step at a time, one day at a time to discover the marvellous blessings to be received in following "Jesus, King of Love."