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We have much to learn from children , even through their mistakes.

 Here is a true story in 1956 . At this time , we still did not have the phone and the only way to reach our distant friends was the mail.

I had a niece of ten years , the only daughter , who had come as a boarder in the convent where I was teaching . His mother, who  was  missing  her  , found that his letters were not long .

A  day the little girl  comes very  happy and  told me, " Mom will be happy , I wrote four pages ." The problem was...

 Every sentence began with " send me . "

Is it not our way to  pray ? "Lord , give me ." Jesus , King of Love is not a general merchant , He  is not a police man  who is there at every moment  to hover over our heads the specter of hell.

 This is a King of Love who wants to live with us our joys and sorrows , accompanying us on the road that leads to the Father .

The day we really learned to live in fellowship with Him , we will  hear him  murmuring in the depths of our heart : " Every things is mine and also is yours. "