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It is through Mother Yvonne-Aimée that we became acquainted with Jesus, King of Love.

After receiving the Holy communion Jesus, as a baby, often came in her arms.

Mother Yvonne was a talented artist and painted JESUS KING OF LOVE as she was seeing him.

The prayer “O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy Loving Mercy” is a miraculous prayer. Mother Yvonne and others also, have witnessed this sentence being written miraculously in a rose. To say this prayer often is a mean by which one can be in peace and united to Jesus. This prayer with the picture of JESUS KING OF LOVE is the most valuable gift we can offer a sick person.

Yvonne Beauvais was born on Our Lady of Mount Carmel's day, July 16th 1901 at Cossé-en-Champagne, a little town in the department of Mayenne, France. Her father died when she was only three years old.

She received her First Holy Communion in Paris at the age of nine. Two days later she wrote with her own blood a “PACT OF LOVE” with Jesus. In words astonishing for one of such tender years, what she wrote undoubtedly was the epitome of her life: “I want to save souls, I want to love You more than everything in the world. Please make of me a saint, a great saint, a martyr, above all, I want to do Thy will.”. She had already decided to control the impetuosity of her character, and from this day on her resolution was to be in control of herself and suffer in silence.

However, there is a limit to human endurance. The years between 1922 and 1927 were years of sufferings. Yvonne’s delicate constitution could not stand the strain any longer and she fell seriously ill. Her recovery was so slow that her doctor ordered a long convalescence in the country. She was sent on March 1922, to a nursing home administered by the Canonesses of St. Augustine, at Malestroit, a small town tucked away in a corner of Brittany.

Finally, all the obstacles to her entering the convent were providentially removed. Yvonne entered the Noviciate on March 18th 1927. This was exactly five years from the date of her admission to the Nursing Home as a patient.

On the day of her Perpetual Profession she was happy to see all the Members of the Order sharing her joy for the privilege of wearing a gold wedding ring, symbol of their union with their Divine Spouse Jesus Christ. During that period of time the little Convent of Malestroit had grown into a very flourishing Monastery. New subjects came in great numbers, and their training was entrusted to Sister Yvonne-Aimée de Jésus.

At the age of 34, only seven years after her profession, she was elected Superior of Malestroit and later Superior General of the Federation. Gifted superabundantly by nature and by grace, it would be impossible to record the multiplicity of her activities at the service of God.


She was  sending  by jesus  every where in  the world for finding the  sacrilegious hosts.

She died in 1951, and we hope that the Church will soon proclaim her "SAINT".

Though separated by death, those who loved her during her life continue to feel her presence and call upon her for help, know the power of her intercession with the KING OF LOVE whose will she performed so perfectly while on earth. Jesus, King of Love found in Mother Yvonne-Aimée the perfect tool to proclaim his Loving Mercy.

Let us pray her so everyone on earth understand and accept love and mercy from Jesus in the Eucharist.