In 2011, following a big headache, the doctor makes me a scan. Cyst was detected in brain. In August 2012 the doctor passed me another scanner for the sake of verification. The cyst is still there, but it has little bigger. I cry to Mother Yvonne. A week later I am hospitalized, the doctor passed me a new scanner to find that the cyst is completely gone. My doctor is collecting records to send to Rome for the canonization of Mother Yvonne-Aimée. THANK YOU MOTHER YVONNE.


In December 2012, I came to the point of death , due to a bacterium in the family of flesh-eating bacteria. After a month of hospitalization, I was far from being healed. It was about to operate on me , put me a metal rod behind my knee. . I cried to Mother Yvonne . Immediately after my prayer micobiologiste a doorbell rings ? He's a friend of Father Marcel he has not seen for several years. The microbiologist brought me a ray of hope , but it is not he who healed me.

The next day, I dream of Mother Yvonne . In my dream, she said: " You will not be made ??and your bacteria , I 'll kill her . " When I woke up , I was completely healed.

At the hospital, as the occasion seemed favorable , I talked to a nurse Jesus, King of Love. At the end , I handed him the image of the little King . He said: "I do not want to profane . I am neither a believer nor a practitioner. " I say," Maybe you do not believe in him for reasons unknown to me, but him, he believes in you and loves you . He would come at you . When you have problems , you will look and simply say, " Jesus, King of Love, I trust in your merciful goodness . " I will never forget the beauty of her radiant face as he held out his hand to take the picture.

 The sister who  gave us the King of Love , Mother Yvonne- Aimée de Malestroit , is omnipresent in the home. We have the impression that she does ??miracles every day.




A man came from the Gaspe Peninsula to Carignan to hear and pray with a well known  preacher. As he entered in our Bethany he was touched by the picture of  JESUS KING OF LOVE so much so that he heard nothing of the preaching going on.


He fell transformed and this change came, not from the preaching but from JESUS KING OF LOVE who without saying a word made an Apostle of him.


The next day the man came back at 7h.00 a.m. He was filled with the Holy Spirit. He wanted JESUS KING OF LOVE in his parish. He wanted to open a store to offer  all the material concerning JESUS KING OF LOVE.





It is  10h.00 p.m. in the hospital's emergency room and I have been  there since 4h.00 p.m.  All patients are waiting with impatience. Realizing that the time was not well chosen to speak to them about JESUS KING OF LOVE, I started to pray HIM to visit each one individually.


The answer to my prayer did not take long  to come. A lady left her seat and came to sit right next to me.  As a good Quebecoise, she shared with me her discontent with the service.  She said: " I have been here since 10h.00 a.m. and suffering and no one gives me a helping hand. I am leaving right now, I would rather suffer at home than in this place".


I felt that she wanted my approval  to leave, so I asked her what she was suffering from. She answered; "I have a bladder infection and I am suffering atrociously". I told her that I would like to share with her a simple but effective recipe to cure her illness. A cup of dry raisins, two tablespoons of flax seed, five cups of water, boil the ingredients for five minutes, and then  drink it. She look surprised but happy.


Before she left I told her: "I would like you to be well again in your body but in you heart also". I give her a picture of JESUS KING OF LOVE and assure her that saying the words that appeared on it "JESUS KING OF LOVE, I have confidence in your merciful goodness" would bring her peace and  comfort. She spontaneously replied: " I am not catholic but as you have been so good to me I will follow your advice and  say  these words on the image.


I did not think I would ever hear from her again, but the next day she phoned me and said: " Your remedy worked. An hour after I took it the pain had left, but your sentence on the image kept me awake all night and it won't leave me. Could I come to see you and learn more about JESUS KING OF LOVE.  I agreed  and gave her my address.


That was not the end of it, on a weekend she came back with her husband, At the time of their arrival at my place a couple and a priest were present. We listened to them from eight p.m. to midnight.  Their story is worthy of great romance novels. The KING OF LOVE worked that night.  They  promised to return.  We were marvelled by the action of the KING OF LOVE on their hearts. A simple prayer to the KING OF LOVE can change many things.


here cannot be any doubts when we say JESUS KING OF LOVE evangelizes without words.





It is the day before Christmas Eve , here in Carignan, at home of "Les Missionnaires de La Bonne Nouvelle". A young mother of two children aged 3 and 5, brings us an invoice from her father for work completed to our house. While I am retrieving my cheque book, she is sitting in the living room where a large picture of JESUS KING OF LOVE was hanging .


When I return, the young mother is in tears, The KING OF LOVE had manifested himself. She tells me: "This house is more than a church. There is so much peace, so much love, I believe this day to be the nicest one of my life,  itwill be my nicest Christmas, I went to heaven". She continues: "What is it with this picture?" I then  spoke to her with enthusiasm about JESUS KING OF LOVE. She asks if she could have one for herself.  After receiving an 8.5 by 11 inches print, she look at it for a long time with tears in her eyes.  She broke silence by saying: "I will  have my children pray in front of this picture, they must experience this also. Could I have one for my mother  as she will not believe me, she will never believe it. So I gave her another picture.


The young mother enquired about our activities and she left crying and repeating; "This house is more than a church, it is really more than a church, it is the nicest day of my life, the nicest Christmas". As she was leaving she told me that she would thank her father to have sent her to this place although she did against her will as she had many other things to do  preparing for  Christmas. She realized that her dad was an instrument of heaven.


Everything happened while I was retrieving my cheque book, I was not therefore responsible for anything.  When I say that JESUS, KING OF LOVE evangelizes without words, it is events